Python Operator Overloading. You have already seen you can use +operator for adding numbers and at the same time to concatenate strings. It is possible because + operator is overloaded by both int class and str class. The operators are actually methods defined in respective classes.

What is Operator Overloading in Python?

Python staff work in interior classes. However, the customer behaves differently in different ways. For example, the operator + will add two arithmetic combinations, add two columns and two columns.
This feature is located in Python, which allows the same employer to have a different meaning depending on the context, known as ‘overload operator’.
So, what happens when we use classroom descriptions for the user? Consider the next grade, which attempts to simplify the 2-D network connection point.

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Operator Overloading Examples:

Some examples of Python’s major service providers and python-magic methods working with some of the companies: optional operators, python comparisons, python operators, and extended python operations. In the world of the program, more rail workers are also called ‘ad-hoc operator polymorphism’. In fact, it is a polymorphism situation where different operators have different implementations based on their arguments. This is defined in the program, language program or both.

class Point:
 def __init__(self, x = 0, y = 0):
 self.x = x
 self.y = y

Now, run the code and try to add two points in Python shell.

>>> p1 = Point(2,3)
>>> p2 = Point(-1,2)
>>> p1 + p2
Traceback (most recent call last):
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'Point' and 'Point'

Python Magic Methods:

I know that Python methods are doubled before and after their names. These are special methods called “dunders”. This will help us to implement non-standard techniques.
So far, we get the correct method __init __ (). But in fact, in fact, we can define confidential methods used to carry out the task of Python employees. With this, we can describe these businesses as working classrooms. Some of these are,

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Python Binary Operators

__add__ for +

__sub__ for –

__mul__ for *

__truediv__ for /

__floordiv__ for //

__mod__ for %

__pow__ for **

Python Extended Assignments

__iadd__ for +=

__isub__ for -=

__imul__ for *=

__idiv__ for /=

__ifloordiv__ for //=

__imod__ for %=

__ipow__ for **=

Python Unary Operators

__neg__ for –

__pos__ for +

__abs__ for abs()

__invert__ for ~

__complex__ for complex()

__int__ for int()

__long__ for long()

Python Comparison Operators

__lt__ for <

__le__ for <=

__eq__ for ==

__ne__ for !=

__ge__ for >=

__gt__ for >

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