Python OOPs Concepts

Python OOPs Concepts

Python programming language is an object of purpose. Python OOPs Concepts is allows us to develop applications that use the purpose of the product. In Python, we can easily create and use classes and objects.

The basic principle of the program’s software program is below

  • Object
  • Class
  • Method
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Data Abstraction
  • Encapsulation


An object (eg) is possible in the classroom. When classified, the only explanation of the item is defined. Therefore, it does not give memory or storage.


The class is a type of thing.We can think of a parrot and a label. This includes all the details about the name, color, size, etc. According to this explanation, we can study the nursery schools. Here, theft is something.


The system of procedures is defined in the classroom. It is used to describe the behavior of the product.


Support is one of the purpose of the product. These specialties will receive all the properties and behaviors of the parent. Applying for inheritance can create a new classroom or change in classrooms. class A class class or classmate from the child’s classroom class is called a parent or class.

It provides re-usability of the code.

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Polymorphism consists of two words “poly” and “morphs”. Poly is often referred to as “Morphs” means the form, shape. This describes the task that can be done in different ways. For example: You have a kind of animal that speaks of all the animals. But they are different. In this case, “speech” behavior is a polymorphic sensory and completely dependent on animals. Therefore, the concept of “animal” is not really a “talk”, but a private animal (like dogs and cats) in the “practical” implementation.

Data Abstraction

The bonfire also has a programmed purpose program. It is used to limit access to methods and variables. Encapsulation, code and data are packaged in one unit that can be modified by accident.


The summary data encapsulation is often used to. Both are the same because the data output is achieved through the link. The mix was used to conceal and display the internal estimates. Abstracting means to be named, so that the name of the entire program or object is rejected.

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