One of the rarest programming language that is both simple as well powerful too is Python! This language is easy to learn and use. Though it’s not a new language, still market is in its clutches due to the ease of its use and several other reasons. Even many top techy companies, like Google, Mozilla, Intel, Quora, Cisco, HP, IBM, etc., are using Python on a very large scale. Though new generation technologies have started tempting students, yet they are not able to take over the unique features of Python, especially its easy-as-pie trait!

We, at Besant Technologies in Chennai, are giving a top-notch Python Training so as to meet the standards of IT world and company’s requirements. We have Python experts to let you get a deep dive in this language and also make it piece of cake for you to learn, so much so that it will remain in your head forever!
Let’s have a short trip of Python and its advantages in this techy world:

  • Open Source : Thus make it a free-to-use language. It is free not only for individuals but also for commercial purposes too. This makes it one of the obvious programming languages to be used by the companies.
  • Ease of learning  : Another luring feature of Python that makes it famous among aspirants and students. Its syntax is very simple to understand which is of really a great use to the beginners. Also Python offers an outstanding readability.
  • Productivity and Swiftness : To increase the speed and enhance the productivity through Python, the following features contribute the most:
    • Follows an object-oriented design
    • Capability of strong text processing
    • Strong integration
    • Owns a unit testing framework
    • Capability of process control
    • Trustable and considerable when it comes to building the complex protocol network applications.
  • Easily operating Data Structures : Python is having a long list of built-in data structures. Also, using these built-in ones, we can build some other fast-running data structures. Also to reduce the length of the code, Python is having the dynamic high-level data typing.
  • Large Standard Library : Python will provide you with a large standard library like string operations, operating system interfaces, internet protocols and web service tools. Also, already several high and frequently using programming tasks are already been scripted into standard library so as to reduce the code length.
  • Third Party Modules : There are countless third-party modules are there in Python Package Index (PyPI). This trait makes Python able to interact with most of the platforms and languages.
  • Must for Linux Admin : Python is a must programming language for Linux admins. Also more than 20% Linux jobs require the knowledge of this language. So if looking for a career in any of the Linux based job, get ready to have a good Python training in Chennai at Besant Technologies.
  • Recommended for automation testing professionals : Here, Python is needed to write the test cases, to build the test automation framework and to run the check on software performance. Python is a must programming language for device and mobile testing professionals.
  • Versatile and Robust : Recently Python has been voted as the best and most favorite programming language, thus beating the other famous languages like C, C++, Java, etc. Also this is a robust and a versatile language.

These many and other features of Python provides the assurance of its bright and blooming future in the next many years. But due to students focusing more on Java, C++ or other such programming languages, market is in keenly looking for more Python trained professionals. So if planning to kick-start your career in IT or to give wings to the existing one, get started with us for Python training in Chennai!

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